Best Hearing Aid Apps for your Smartphone

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Best Hearing Aid Apps for your Smartphone

Hearing aids can bring about a great positive effect on the lives of anyone who uses them. They allow people who are experiencing hearing loss to engage with society again fully and to stop missing out on parts of conversations. 

A visit to a hearing instrument specialist will allow you to find the right type of hearing aid for you. With ever-shifting modern demands, you may be able to get a hearing aid that has added features that allow you to connect the hearing device up to your smartphone.

Getting a hearing aid that connects to your cellphone will help you to hear phone calls much easier. But it will also unlock a wide range of features that will make the experience of wearing a hearing aid better. Having a connection between your hearing aid and the phone will also mean that you can hear content from the device.

How do hearing aid apps help?

Hearing aid apps are designed to work specifically with your hearing technology and the manufacturer you have selected. Once downloaded onto your phone, this app gives you all the control you need for your hearing aids, accessories and other compatible technology. Hearing aids are miniature devices that can be challenging to manually adjust if you have dexterity issues. With the help of a hearing aid app, you can adjust the various settings of your device with the swipe of a screen or the touch of a button. The settings you can make may include:

  • Altering the level of sound with volume controls
  • Adjusting the frequencies of sound with an equalizer
  • Reducing background noise or directionality settings
  • Connect to compatible technology, such as televisions, radios and speakers
  • Request assistance with device issues
  • Learn about hearing aid care and maintenance
  • Store settings for different sound environments

At Nobile Hearing Aids, we strive to provide the best device possible for our patients, that’s why we carry three of the top manufacturers in the industry, including Oticon, Phonak and Signia. Here is a selection of the best smartphone apps that are available to work with our hearing aids. 

Oticon ON App

Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, Oticon’s ON app helps you connect to everything else around you through the internet. This means that you can link your hearing aid up to all kinds of compatible technology around the home, ranging from your television to a sound system. Oticon has a people-first mentality, which is why they have designed an app that is simple for you to use and benefit from. Using their IFTTT (If This Then That) service, you can incorporate your hearing aids into more solutions than ever before, including lighting systems and home appliances.

Phonak Remote-control app

Available for both iOS and Android devices, Phonak’s Remote-control app gives you access to the programs and settings you need right at your fingertips. The app is direct and concise, making it ideal for anyone to use – even those who are less than tech-savvy. It can connect to a wide range of Phonak products, including streamers, to help you get the most out of your hearing experience. With Remote-control, you can decide what you want to hear and listen to with the touch of your smartphone screen.

Signia touch Control app

Available on Android, the user-friendly design makes this app very easy to use. The app allows you to control the volume on your hearing aid, as well as the balance. You can adjust the direction of the microphones and also the option to check the battery. This app makes it simple for you to make all the adjustments you could need to improve your overall hearing aid listening experience.

Other apps to benefit people with hearing loss

There are lots of other apps that may be useful to someone who experiences hearing loss. These include speech to text apps that will allow the user to record people speaking and convert it into text so that it can be read instead. 

There are several different apps that are useful for measuring the decibel level in an area. This may be handy if you are concerned about spending any length of time in an environment which is dangerous to your ears. 

Hearing test apps are also available too. While this may be useful, it will not replace the need to visit a hearing instrument specialist to find out what type of hearing aid you will need. 

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