How Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

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Throughout our lives many of us will experience hearing loss and this can often be a natural sign of aging. Hearing loss is often not a huge impact on our lives and we can often live a healthy life with no problems at all. 

However sometimes a hearing issue might cause problems in other parts of your life and today we want to discuss one of the ways that hearing loss can impact you and your family’s lives. It is a sad fact that when you have hearing loss and you struggle to hear your loved ones it can damage your relationships over time. If you don’t protect your ears and do what you can to maintain it throughout your life, you may end up emotionally struggling

It is vital to visit a hearing professional if you think you have a hearing problem, because there are a lot of ways hearing can impact your relationship with the ones you love and these are just some of the ways it could impact them. 

Poor communication 

As someone who has hearing loss, you will often struggle to hear full sentences and you might not understand what your partner is saying to you all the time. This will decrease the quality of your communication between one another because you will constantly have to ask them to repeat themselves every time they speak and this can become tiresome after a while and eventually, they will give up. 

It can cause arguments 

Have you ever had an argument with your loved one over a misunderstanding that could have easily been avoided? If so, it is worth considering how your hearing might be impacting these moments. If you mishear something your partner says and do something you shouldn’t or say something you shouldn’t this could cause a real argument and it is important to you to try and avoid this at all costs. By visiting a hearing professional and getting help for the hearing loss you have, you will avoid these miscommunications. 

You won’t be able to enjoy movies and TV 

When you are a couple it is always nice to be able to share the experience of watching films and TV together. Most couples have those tv shows and movies they go back and watch again and again because it’s a fun shared experience. If you lose your hearing and you cannot hear the TV properly anymore this can impact your ability to enjoy this hobby with your loved one and this is one less thing you can do as a couple. 

It can cause loneliness 

If you lose your hearing it can limit your world down to a small bubble and it can invoke a sense of loneliness. If you can no longer hear your loved one when they talk to you it can make you feel very lonely and will make them feel the same. The connection you once had will be strained because you simply cannot communicate in the same way you used to. 

It can cause isolation

If you cannot hear, you and your partner are less likely to go out in a social setting to a party or a bar because your partner will constantly have to stay by your side to watch you and make sure you are ok. Couples who never go out and enjoy the world together are more likely to have strain in their relationship because they feel trapped and frustrated. This can put a strain on you both and your partner will start to resent you for keeping them at home all the time. 

Say goodbye to casual humor 

When most of us think about our perfect romantic partner one of the most important features is a sense of humor. Humor is an ice breaker, temporomandibular joint but it also makes us happy and your connection with your loved one will likely be made up of a lot of the inside jokes you share. However, once your hearing is impaired you will no longer be able to hear passing comments from your loved one and the humor that was once there will be gone. 

It is so important to consider visiting a health professional if you think your hearing is deteriorating this year. Don't allow your relationship to go south because of something that can be fixed with a hearing aid. You can learn more about Nobile Hearing Aids by calling 239-772-8101.