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Tips for Protecting Your Hearing

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The causes of hearing loss are often gradual and much of it can be down to aging. However, the wear and tear that our ears go through in everyday life has an effect, too. Noise-induced hearing loss is particularly common, especially for those who work in loud environments or have a lifestyle that involves loud activities.

For that reason, protecting your hearing is essential. Here, we’re going to look at what you can do, including products that can help you.

Be mindful of your volume

Many of us turn the volume on our phones, headphones, TVs and sound systems up way too loud. You may do it because that’s how you prefer listening to music. Perhaps you’re in a loud environment and it’s getting in the way of your listening. Turning the volume down helps, but we often forget to do it. However, devices like smartphones and portable players have a volume limiter. If your device warns you that turning it up any higher could risk your hearing, then it’s wise to take heed.

Get a measurement

If you’re worried that a work environment, a hobby of yours or simply your home sound system is too loud for you, then you can get a measurement to be sure. A custom purpose sound meter can help you get precise measurements, but they can be somewhat expensive so should only be used if you’re measuring an environment that you spend a lot of time in.

Otherwise, there are plenty of apps for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that can give you an approximate measurement of the noise in the area. It’s not as accurate, however, so it’s wise to give it an error margin of a few decibels. Any noises that go over 85db is harmful. The higher it is above that threshold, the more damage it does in a shorter period of time.

Change your headphones

One of the reasons that many people turn up the volume on their headphones or earphones is that they don’t want their music, audiobook, podcast or phone call to compete with the noise caused by the surrounding environment. You can pre-empt your urge to turn up the volume by buying noise isolating designs. These reduce environmental noise, so you can more easily catch the full output of your headphones without having to turn up the volume.

Let your ears recover

Loud noises don’t only damage your ears at the time that you’re listening to it. It affects it for some time after. If you have just been to a concert the night before or you’re on your way home from a firework show, you shouldn’t be listening to music at full volume. The more exposure to loud noises, the worse the damage can be. Mitigate the risk and give your ears time to rest in a quiet environment.

Invest in hearing protection

If you know that you’re going to be in environments that can potentially harm your ears, then you can buy the protection you need in advance. Many work environments, such as construction sites and manufacturing facilities, provide hearing protection already. However, if yours doesn’t or you simply want to make sure that you get the most effective protection possible, here are your options:

  • Disposable earplugs: The cheapest protection available and can be found at a wide range of stores. Because they all have on generic shape, they may not fit all ears well, causing discomfort over time and aren’t suitable for more than one use.
  • Earmuffs: Highly-effective devices that are worn over the head with muffs that cover the entirety of the ear. While they work very well, they can cause discomfort to the outer ear if worn for long periods of time.
  • Custom molded earplugs: All the options above provide some level of hearing protection, but if you want to be safe, it’s worth paying the extra for custom molded earplugs. These are designed to fit your ear completely, offering comprehensive protection with minimal discomfort.

If you wear hearing aids, then talk to your hearing instrument specialist as they can help you find the protection that can be worn alongside them.

Ensure you have a regular hearing test

If you haven’t had a hearing test before, then it’s time to get one. Similarly, adults with no hearing conditions should have a test as part of their annual physical every two-to-three years. If you have existing hearing issues, other related health concerns or are over the age of 65, you should have a hearing test from a hearing instrument specialist every year.

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