Top Tinnitus Treatments

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Woman with Tinnitus

For those people who have tinnitus, you know how difficult it can be to live with the constant ringing in your ears. While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are some treatments that you can undergo to try and reduce the symptoms. Let’s look at what some of these tinnitus treatments are.

Hearing aids with masking

First, you can go to your hearing care specialist and they might recommend that you get hearing aids as they can be good for masking the noise. They are also going to be beneficial to you if you have other hearing issues such as hearing loss. You can get special hearing aids that will emit a low-level noise constantly and this should mask the noise of the tinnitus. You can speak to your hearing care provider about these hearing aids and they can give you more information about them.

Tinnitus retraining therapy

One of the treatments available to you is tinnitus retraining therapy. In this, you will learn to push this noise into your subconscious thought so that you don’t notice it anymore. It’s like the ticking of a clock, you know it’s there but you don’t focus on it so you don’t usually hear it. This is the goal with tinnitus retraining therapy, for you to be able to put the noise on a subconscious level and no longer hear it. This can make it far easier to live with, and coping is going to be a lot easier. Many people have found this helpful, and it is worth giving it a go, just for the possibility that it could reduce your symptoms.

Sound machines

Another thing that your hearing specialist might recommend is a sound machine. These will let off a low-level noise that might be able to drown out your tinnitus. Or, you can get ones that are noisy and give off sounds that you like so that you hear these instead of the ringing or buzzing. A lot of people with tinnitus use these as treatment and to quite high success. This is something that you should look into if you are trying to reduce your symptoms.

Lifestyle changes

The final thing that you can do is change your lifestyle. Stop smoking, stop consuming alcohol, and avoid certain foods that could trigger your tinnitus. We know that you will only know if food triggers it by eating it, but if you are suspicious of it after you have eaten it once, it’s best to avoid it after that. As well as this, you should try to reduce the stress in your life by taking up activities like yoga, or other stress-free activities. You are less likely to notice your tinnitus when your body is relaxed, and this is going to be beneficial for your health.

We hope that you have found this article useful, and have some more information about the top treatments for tinnitus. Contact your hearing care professional if you have any further questions, and they will be happy to assist you.