What Is the Hearing Aid Fitting Process?

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a hearing aid being fitted

If you are soon to head to a hearing aid fitting with a hearing instrument specialist, there is a chance that you may be feeling nervous about what to expect. When you’ve recently attended a hearing test, you may be considering your hearing aid possibilities – from style to features and beyond! The whole journey to a hearing aid should be a comfortable journey that you feel confident taking with your hearing instrument specialist, as your hearing matters and you should be able to benefit from an improved quality of life. You need to get the right help to ensure that your hearing aid fitting is one that makes you feel informed and confident about your new hearing technology.

Adjusting to hearing aids isn’t the easiest thing to do, and there are some steps to getting them fitted. You need to understand your hearing aid selection, the fitting and adjusting them to work for your new hearing levels. You should be able to live your life after your hearing aid fitting, and your hearing instrument specialist can ensure that this is the case for you. You should be able to trust your hearing instrument specialist is doing the best job and has your best interests at heart. They should be able to talk you through what to expect, the repairs that you can make, and what to do about hearing aid maintenance. So, let’s look at the hearing aid fitting process and what to expect.

Hearing aid selection

The very first step is to assess your needs and work out what you want from your hearing aid experience. An appointment with a hearing instrument specialist is the first step in giving you a chance to talk through any worries that you have about the situation. There are a lot of factors that can influence the hearing aids that you select, and these include:

  • Test results: Your hearing loss needs to be measured before you know which hearing aids are right for you, and the severity of the your hearing loss will determine the available options for you, so your hearing instrument specialist should talk you through the hearing test results with you before you get started on fitting. You may have profound hearing loss, and that means that some designs of hearing aid may not work for you.
  • Hearing aid preferences: There are so many different hearing aids on the market that it's essential to know what you like. Your hearing instrument specialist can talk you through that.
  • Lifestyle: Being active can mean that you need a hearing aid fitting that suits your life and the way that you move. 

When your hearing instrument specialist knows this information, they can start tailoring your hearing aid fitting and your hearing aids for you rather than what they think you may need.

Hearing aid fitting

There should be demonstration hearing aids that your hearing instrument specialist can let you try on so that you can tell whether your hearing aid is right for you. Whether you go through the trial or not, your fitting has started once you’ve chosen your hearing aids. These will then be ordered, and you can get them appropriately programmed. You need to compile a list of questions for your hearing instrument specialist, and they can answer these for you to ensure that you are aware of everything to do with your new hearing aids. Questions that you can ask should include:

  • How do I change the battery?
  • Are hearing aids easy to clean?
  • How can I turn up the volume?

We’ll expect you to ask questions at your hearing aid fitting, so don’t hesitate to bring up anything that comes to mind.

The adjustment process

Your hearing instrument specialist is a professional and will ensure that your hearing aids are adjusted to fit you properly. It will be a process to get used to your new hearing aids, and you will be told that wearing them every day will speed up the process of getting used to them. Stay loyal to wearing them, and they will be easier to get used to every day. Schedule follow-up visits, too, to ensure that you are getting the best possible support and your hearing aids are providing the most natural listening experience, as well.

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