Why Choose a Hearing Instrument Specialist

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According to the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders, around 15% of all adult Americans experience hearing loss. The statistics also show that men are twice as likely to experience hearing loss compared to men.

What’s more, around one in eight Americans aged 12 or older have decreased hearing clarity in both ears. As you can see from those statistics alone, hearing loss is something experienced by many people.

There are many reasons why a person might experience hearing loss. For some, genetics might play a role. But it can simply be down to decreased hearing due to the natural aging process for others.

Whatever the reason, it makes sense to deal with decreased hearing sooner rather than later. A hearing instrument specialist (HIS) is a professional who is fundamental to helping you improve your hearing and feel more confident about your day-to-day life.

But why choose a hearing instrument specialist?

Training and qualifications

When you experience hearing loss, you must approach an expert that can help you overcome its effects. You also want that professional to help you improve your quality of life and make you feel more confident in social settings.

A hearing instrument specialist is an expert that specializes in hearing aids and the technology behind those devices. Importantly, they’re also qualified in fitting procedures; the last thing you want is to use hearing aids that don’t fit very well.

The great thing about a hearing instrument specialist is they offer a full suite of services, ranging from testing through to device selection, fitting and support and aftercare.

Hearing evaluations

If you’re unsure how diminished your hearing has become, or whether it’s worsened since your last test, you can have a hearing evaluation. Hearing instrument specialists are suitably trained and qualified at conducting hearing tests.

They have the training and skills needed to carry out pure-tone testing. That means they can measure the balance and level of hearing loss.

After your hearing evaluation, a hearing instrument specialist can then discuss your results with you and help you select the right hearing aids for your needs. When you’ve chosen the most appropriate devices, your hearing instrument specialist will check that they fit correctly.

Selecting the right hearing aids

Choosing hearing aids, whether for the first time or as replacements for existing ones, can sometimes be a confusing time. That’s because there are many choices and options on the market, and products with a variety of prices.

When you need the right hearing aids for your needs, it pays to have expert guidance on the matter. What you don’t want to do is buy devices that are uncomfortable to wear or don’t offer the hearing clarity you expected.

The good news is that selecting the right hearing aids for your needs is simple when you use a hearing instrument specialist. Part of their job is to help you choose hearing aids that best meet your needs and budget.

Hearing instrument specialists are customer-focused professionals. They want you to be happy with your choice, and they can help you make an informed choice. Anyone that isn’t a hearing instrument specialist may not offer that level of service.

Ongoing support

You might think that your relationship with your hearing instrument specialist ends after you’ve selected your desired hearing aids. The truth is, hearing instrument specialists also provide ongoing support to their clients.

What that means for you is they’re qualified to help you adapt to life with your new hearing aids. Plus, they will also help you maintain them to ensure you get the best use out of them each day.

A hearing instrument specialist can typically provide you with ongoing support in-person, by telephone or even electronically via email. The great thing is that ongoing support is all part of the comprehensive suite of services each hearing instrument specialist offers their clients.

Expert knowledge

One final point to keep in mind about choosing a hearing instrument specialist is that you’re in the company of an industry expert. You’ve undoubtedly gathered that point from reading the previous paragraphs above.

But it’s worth reiterating the point because their knowledge on the subject of hearing aids and hearing in general is beyond compare.

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