Hearing Aid Fitting

After you have had your hearing tested and have selected your hearing aids based on the recommendation of your hearing aid specialist at Nobile Hearing Aid Center, our professionals will fit you with your devices. Depending on the device you select, you may be fit with hearing aids the same day or when we receive them from the manufacturer in one to two days. During a hearing aid fitting, you will wear your hearing aids for the first time, learn about care and maintenance and take them home to try them out.

Learning about your devices

A lot does go on in a hearing aid fitting but with the help and expertise of your hearing specialist at Nobile Hearing Aid Center you will walk out of your appointment confident in your new hearing aids. 

First, you and your hearing aid specialist will view your devices and go over all of the general information regarding daily use. This includes, but is not limited to: how to store your hearing aid after every use, how to change the batteries, how to clean and care for the hearing aid, how to troubleshoot hearing aid issues and how to properly and safely put in and take out your hearing aids. 
Once all of the important topics have been talked about and demonstrated on behalf of the hearing aid specialist it is now your turn, the patient, to learn how to properly care and use your hearing aids. Questions are highly encouraged. It may also be a good idea to take notes during this appointment for future reference, as there will be a lot of information given to you

Fitting the devices

Once you are comfortable with the care and use of the hearing aids, it is time to test how they sound. Your hearing aid specialist will turn on the hearing aids and let you listen to the world around you. 

Adjustments may need to be made at this time to properly reflect your needs or limits in sound volume. You may want to go out on the street or outside in general to test out the sound of the hearing aid. Your hearing aid specialist will work with you to ensure your hearing aids fit properly in your ears and they are adjusted to the right settings for you to have a positive sound experience. 

Follow-up appointment

Your hearing aid specialist will schedule a follow-up appointment one week after your initial hearing aid fitting. This will allow them to see how your devices are working for you and if any minor adjustments to the programming need to be made. 

The professionals at Nobile Hearing Aid Center want you to be happy with your hearing aids, and the hearing aid fitting appointment is one step to ensuring a positive listening experience.