Hearing Aid Repair

Just like any other piece of technology hearing aids sometimes breakdown and are in need of repair. This is completely common and normal considering how much use a person gets out of them daily. Even the most careful of people can break a hearing aid. Luckily, the hearing aid specialists at Nobile Hearing Aid Center can help to troubleshoot and often repair your hearing aid on-site to get you back to your life quickly.

Common repairs

When it comes to hearing aids there are a few very common repairs that occur over time. Most of these repairs can be fixed in office at Nobile Hearing Aid Center, however, sometimes the hearing aid may need to be sent out for further repairs to the manufacturer; this typically is done when there are internal issues with the electrical components.

Common hearing aid repairs include:

  • Dead battery: When the battery in the hearing aid is dead and has not been changed out for a fresh new one. It is easy to forget to change the battery from time to time.
  • Moisture: Moisture is not great for a hearing aid but moisture is always present. The hearing specialists at Nobile Hearing Aid Center can get rid of moisture in the hearing aid using one of their machines that wicks moisture away.
  • Tubing: Tubing in a BTE hearing aid can have many different issues and need replacement. The tubing can crack over time due to drying out or moisture can get inside of it or it can shrink over time or discolor. If any of these issues are present the tubing will need to be replaced as it can affect the hearing aid and sound quality over time.
  • Wax: Wax is always present and can get into the hearing aid even though the patient has the best cleaning efforts. Having one of the hearing specialists at Nobile Hearing Aid Center clean out the hearing aid of wax from time to time will help to keep the hearing aid working at top performance.
  • Distorted sound: Your hearing aid may begin to sound a little off over time. This is normal. Just like everything else in our bodies our hearing also changes over time. If this is the case a little tweak to the settings of the programs in your hearing aid may be all that is needed. Sometimes a new hearing test may be done just to make sure of changes and to accurately reflect these changes in your hearing aid settings.

Visit our hearing aid specialists

Whatever the problem may be with your hearing aids the hearing specialists at Nobile Hearing Aid Center are there to help. They will be able to diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action on how to fix it. A nominal fee may be associated with the fix, especially if it needs to be sent out to the manufacturer to get fixed.