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I love taking photos of animals, in the wild and in zoos, all over the country and in Africa.

You will notice the photography throughout the website which is from my travels across the world. Here are some additional photos I have taken.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Lila.jpg   Lizzy.jpg

My cats, Lila (left) and Lizzy (right).

Lila and Lizzy.jpg

Butterfly 500.jpg

Cheetah 1 250.jpg  Deer 250.jpeg

Elephant 2 250.jpeg  

Rhino 250.jpeg  Cheetah 2 250.jpg

Cheetah 4 250.jpeg

Elephant 3 25  Elephant 250.jpg

Monkey 250.jpeg

WHITE TIGER 250.png   LION HEAD 250.png


Cheetah Tree 250.png   Zebra 250.png

Epcot 250.png